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How Small Group Personal Training Makes Personal Training More Affordable for Everyone

Updated: Apr 28

Personal training is always a great way to get individualized attention, but sometimes it can be a bit pricey. However, classes are too generalized and rarely allow time for the instructor to correct your form or provide positive feedback. So, does a middle ground exist? In fact, one does! It is called small group training. Here, we break down what small group training is and how it can benefit your workout goals when it comes to wanting some change in your routine.


Small group training should not be confused with traditional exercise classes. Trainers in small group training do not stand in the front of the class, they are personalized instructors for everyone who is participating. Small group training generally has a focus and long-term commitment in mind. Classes are traditionally more than 10 people, and on average are about 4-6 weeks in length (sometimes they can extend to be about 8-10 weeks).The focus for small group training can vary depending on the type of skill the group is trying to learn. For example, small group training can be beneficial for preparation for a marathon or spartan race or help develop more skilled focus movements like weightlifting and personalized stretching.


Outside of sport specific training opportunities, what other benefits does small group training provide? 

1. IT PUTS MORE DOLLARS BACK IN YOUR POCKET. Personal one-on-one training can get costly, especially if you want to work with someone more experienced. With small group training, you can save a lot more money while still getting enough one-on-one attention you’re looking for. While personal trainers can charge $60-$120 per hour (maybe even more), small group training might only cost you $15-$45 per session.

2. You still get personalized attention. With the limited number of participants per group, the instructor still has time to correct form, give you more challenging exercises if you’re progressing quickly, and chat with you to create the best friend bond everyone wants with their personal trainers! 

3. The workout never gets boring. With small group classes, there is generally a focus in mind and the class continues to change and progress as everyone in the class becomes more advanced. This way you aren’t always attending the same class and getting familiar with the routine. Your mind and body is constantly being challenged!

4. You have a built-in support system. Everyone in your small group class has the same goal in mind, so everyone can support each other along the journey. You have people to constantly cheer you on, inspire you when you’re lacking motivation, and bring about friendly competition to push you beyond what you originally thought capable of. 

5. Guarantees results and adherence. Research shows that members involved in programs with other members are more likely to stick to it. Also, long term adherence essentially guarantees results.  


Small group training seems to be the latest trend in fitness! You get all the benefits of personal one-on-one training, but get additional benefits of a small, supportive team to motivate you, get to save some money, still have plenty of variation so you never get bored, and have a higher chance of long-term success. With the affordability to still work with high level fitness professionals, small group training seems to be a very attractive option for individuals of all ages.. Fitness studios and gyms alike seem to be experiencing much success with small group training programs.

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